【School Talk】San Wui Commercial Society Secondary School

On 29 January, the Youth Arch Foundation and San Wui Commercial Society Secondary School jointly organized an online seminar to share with nearly 350 Secondary One to Secondary Five students about “After overcoming the obstacles, I will find my own way”.

Wise Yu, the finalist of Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2015-16 and PoonPoon, the awardee of Youth Arch Student Improvement Award 2014-15, respectively, encouraged students not to be afraid of difficulties and to try their best, as well as to explore and grasp the opportunities to learn outside the textbooks, and walk on their own paths. Even if there were various ups and downs on the way, they would always gain precious experience after overcoming the obstacles.

Students mentioned that the talk made them realise that they should not be limited by any social framing nor their own expectations. As long as they take the first step, there shall be a way out!

Please contact us at 3105-0046 or register on http://youtharch.org/schooltalk if you would like to arrange school talks.

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