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Are you ready to take up challenges? Are you ready to open up yourself to a world of possibilities? JOIN US NOW to unleash your potential and be a game changer. Making a difference – in people’s life, and in the world – is what we do here at Youth Arch Foundation.

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To promote the target of “youth helping youth”, Youth Arch Foundation has extended range of programs to enable youth involvement in the society. We invite you to be a part of us, your support can make our program better and reach further. Your support is appreciated, after filling in application form The Secretariat will contact you promptly.

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As young people grow up, teachers, parents, peers and members of the community all serve as their buttress. We invite you to become their companion, learn about how they think and what they like, and give them warmth and support.

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The Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award and Youth Arch Student Improvement Award are good channels to show your recognition toward your students’ achievement! Your nomination can bring students an invaluable life-changing experience! Encourage your students to take the first step and make a difference!

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In developing youth with high potential, we need support from media, educational, youth, commercial and governmental organizations that share the same vision with us. Any opportunities, such as internship, company visits or job shadowing, interviewing our team or past awardees, are welcome. If you are interested in co-organising any of our activities or understanding our work and stories of our awardees, please contact our Secretariat.

Past Awardees

As a past awardee, are you willing to support younger brothers and sisters and witness their growth? Not only can you volunteer in award ceremonies or youth activities, but also share your experiences through talks and workshops, or even as mentor, provide partnership and internship opportunities. Your companion will bring them the greatest encouragement and pass on the torch to the next generation of OSArs and YASIArs. Please contact us and let us know more about your thoughts!

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