Youth Committee – Herbarium Bottle x Dixit

The Herbarium Bottle x Dixit Workshop has successfully concluded on February 28th. We would like to thank all the students for their enthusiastic participation in this event! It was a fun-filled, creative, and interactive experience. 🎉🌟

We prepared the game “Dixit” for everyone, where participants could tell stories using beautifully illustrated cards. 🎴 This not only allowed everyone to express their inner emotions but also strengthened communication among each other. 💬 The entire process was filled with laughter, surprises, and the birth of new friendships. 😄🎁

During the process, students showcased unlimited imagination and creativity. 🌈 They passionately crafted various types of bottle, each piece being unique and reflecting individuality and a sense of aesthetics. 🎨 Throughout the production, students exchanged ideas, shared creativity, and inspired one another, making the entire activity more enjoyable and meaningful. 🤝

Lastly, we would like to thank each and every student once again for their participation! 🙏 Their enthusiasm and positivity brought vitality to this event. 💪 Whether it was during the tabletop games or while creating the bottle, they demonstrated outstanding creativity and teamwork. 🌟 We hope you will maintain this passion, continue to participate in more exciting activities, and reap abundant rewards from them! 🌼

Thank you all for your support and involvement, and we look forward to our next gathering. 🌸

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