“Young people embody the best of life. They are vibrant, curious and brave, smart, pure and determined. They have ideas and ideals, they have life and a lifetime, they have the power to change their worlds and the world.

The Youth Arch Foundation exists to help young people bring out the best of themselves so that our community can shine even brighter with the best of life.”

We believe in youth. We believe in their dreams, their passions and their talents. We are deeply committed to recognising these dreams, passions and talents and nurturing them through a wide range of meaningful, creative and effective programmes. Through these programmes, we hope also to instil in youths a sense of community and belonging, to provide youths with the opportunity to participate in community service in a sustainable manner and to offer them a platform to develop strong and fun friendships and to learn from each other.

Two of our principal programmes are the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award and the Youth Arch Student Improvement Award, which have been run since the 1980s and are well renowned within the community.

In all we do, we adhere firmly to our core values of integrity, determination, leading by example, respecting individual differences and caring from the heart. We invite you to learn more about our Foundation. We do so with the sincere hope that you will join us in our cause. We thank you in advance.

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Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award

The Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award is one of the most recognized and prestigious awards for secondary school students in Hong Kong. The Award, initiated by The Lion & Globe Educational Trust in 1985, aims to encourage promising students with outstanding academic, extra-curricular and community service achievements, and morality.

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Youth Arch Student Improvement Award

The Youth Arch Student Improvement Award (formerly known as “Best Improved Students Award”) aims to encourage students to strive for improvement in conduct, service and academic performance, not necessarily the top in examinations, but have showed their determination and confidence in overcoming challenges and realizing their full potential. Since its inception in 1991, over 190,000 students have been presented the Award.

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Youth Committee

To promote “youth empower youth”, the Youth Committee is open for all eligible students to organize youth programs with us. The Youth Committee is divided into three ‘villages’, which are responsible for formulating and organizing the youth activities. They will be appointed for two years, with professional trainings to enhance their leadership, organizational skills and social awareness. Winners of “Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award” and “Youth Arch Student Improvement Award” will be given priority to become our “villagers”. We look forward to your participation. For the application details, please stay tuned to our ‘latest news’.

Student Internship Program

To aid with youth’s career and life development, Youth Arch Foundation works with different industries to provide opportunities for youth to discover their career path, while boosting their confidence and inspire them to chase their dreams. Student Internship Program would continue to support teenagers to work as intern in different companies in Hong Kong, Mainland and even overseas, to enrich their working experience while helping them to have a clear vision in their future path.

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OUHK Improvement Scholarship

To encourage lifelong education and self-improvement, the Youth Arch Foundation donated to the Open University to establish the “Youth Arch – OUHK Improvement Scholarship”. The scholarship will be provided annually for 100 full-time students and HKD$5,000 each. Application is open to all current OUHK students who achieve academic excellence in full-time studies, and who are committed to continuous learning with improvement in academic performance and in need of financial assistance. Priority will be given to recipients of The Lion & Globe Educational Trust’s Best Improved Students Award, Youth Arch Student Improvement Award and similar awards by other education institutes. The Organiser reserves the right to the final decision.

For details, please called Hong Kong Open University Student Affairs Office (Telephone: 2768 6636, Fax: 2712 2301, or Email: sao@ouhk.edu.hk).