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  • Wayne Chau (1998-1999) | Founder and CEO of Agent of Change
  • Karl Chan (2004-2005) | Founder of Hong Kong Public Space Initiative

——Who owns the space in Hong Kong? How to find new solutions to social problems?——

Both of them are committed to finding new spaces and solutions to social problems. Born in a poor family, Wayne became the first outstanding student in the school with conviction and efforts. Therefore, he became an entrepreneur. Not only was he passionate about public welfare and youth services, but also set up a social enterprise “Fuel Hong Kong” to provide the grassroots in Hong Kong with cheap and high-quality necessities in recent years. The subject chosen by Karl in university is urban studies. After returning to Hong Kong, he worked for a multinational real estate group, and he has co-founded a non-profit-making charity “Expand public space” with other like-minded friends in a hope of raising public awareness of urban space through educational activities and seeking more possibilities between urban development and public space. They think that excellence is to give and try to help those in need.