As the saying goes “We all live under the same sky, but we don’t see the same light”, while we are fighting for more resources for our own good, there are those who fought tooth and nail to transform our city into a better place but often go unnoticed. In light of this, when it comes to my aspirations, I aspire to share what I have with the others through participating in voluntary services both inside and outside school. In addition, I have always wanted to be a teacher; to shoulder the responsibility of becoming a guide and a philosopher for students. By becoming a teacher, I would share not only the subject knowledge with my students, but also the theoretical knowledge to develop their personal characters, in the hopes that they could be shaped into virtuous people.

The truth is, incidentally, pure and simple. I spend my free time with my violin and books; I find solace in conversation. On occasional tangents, I come to envy Webster and Donne, and wish life was a carpe diem poem. My humble life so far has been a smorgasbord of different episodes, moments and stories, where I linger and flit between the cornucopias as a butterfly, content to settle and sip as the wind blows sea-ward.