• The 13th Yuen Long District Outstanding Student Election 2018 – Top 10 Outstanding Student Award
  • The HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2020 – District Finalist
  • Yuen Long Town Hall Volunteer and Leaders Group – Administrative Secretary (2018-2019)

“How do I spark change in the world?” This is a question I often ask myself. Since I was little, I have always been mesmerized by nature and the environment. As a child, I felt curious when looking at the ever-changing cloud patterns and was amazed by nature. Now, I am devoting most of my attention to the pressing climatic issues affecting the world and hope to bring change in this aspect. Nature Works, a programme I joined in junior form, marked the start of my environmental protection journey. In the programme, my team designed a waste-reduction scheme for my school to ease the burden brought on the environment by solid waste. As my passion for environmental issues grew, I began writing regularly about the climate, and interviewing climate activists to raise environmental awareness in my community. In the future, I aspire to construct a climate-resilient city and help Hong Kong strive for a balance between social, economic and environmental development. My bigger goal is to use science and innovation to reverse the climate crisis, taking my climate action onto the global stage. I care about environmental issues because I want to give back to the community. It is also achieved when I volunteer. I discovered that there were many problems affecting the vulnerable groups in society. In a visit to the aged blind, I witnessed the plight of the disabled when there was a shortage of care-takers; through talking to children from ethnic minority groups, I understood their difficulties in assimilating into the local community. Poverty, discrimination, inequality – these issues are waiting to be solved by creative people with good problem-solving skills. But to lead change, we need people who care about the society, who have ingenious ideas, and who believe in their capabilities to create change. I still remember that I lacked confidence in my abilities when I was in junior form. Fortunately, I have found my position in a team after participating in diverse activities over the past few years. I am ever so grateful for the encouragement I received from my parents, teachers and classmates, which has driven me closer towards my environmental goals, and made me a more confident and capable person. My definition of an outstanding person is one who cares about the world, and is willing to give back to society. In this HKOSA journey, I met a lot of brilliant people who have formulated great plans in their fields of interest in the hope of building a world that is fair and just. They have given some clues to my question: the first step to spark change is to be hopeful that a better future is indeed achievable.