• Bauhinia Cup International Dance Championships 2018 – Gold Award (Open, Ensemble)
  • The 35th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition (2019-2020) – 2nd Runner-up (English Section)
  • The 13th Hong Kong Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Contest (2019) – Gold Award in Elite Contest (Secondary School)
  • Hok Yau Club Outstanding Student Leaders Award 2018-2019 (14th) – Outstanding Student Leaders

This is the story of a little boy. Born in a small community, his parents always reminded him to keep an open mind and grasp as many opportunities as he can, as long as he stays happy. As a playful person, he started participating in different extracurricular activities. He tried debating, rope-skipping, dancing, quiz and mathematics contests, etc. Throughout these years, he had acquired a lot of skills that he could not have obtained otherwise. Nevertheless, there were nights when he stared blankly in front of his desk, feeling drained and lost, doubting if he could do all of these. Yet, a past conversation with his family echoed in his ears. “Are you tired?” Yes. “But are you happy?” Yes. “Then, go on, everything will be worth in the end.” Those nights were exhausting but they were reminders that he reaped what he had sown, teaching him to shoulder the responsibility for his own choices and treasure every second he has. He knew by heart that to be able to do what he loves is something that many could only dream of. However, as he spent more and more time, he got to see more and more talented, charismatic counterparts with extraordinary skills and much more self-confidence. Looking at them often made him doubt himself: Why am I lacking so much? How come I could never go as fast as them? As he fell into an endless cycle of self-doubt, that conversation once again echoed in his head: Isn’t it more important for you to feel happy? Regaining some confidence, he learnt to take things at his own pace, trying new things instead of blindly following others’ paths. He now remembers by heart that the most important thing is to have faith in himself. Moreover, he loves what he is pursuing to an extent that he wants others to share the joy. With this hope, he started to participate in services, spreading his beliefs while learning from others, making every second counts. He took up a leading role in the dance team and other student bodies. Sometimes, he would again doubt his ability as he may not be the most talented, witty or careful person, but he learnt hands-on that a leader does not need to possess these characteristics. All he needs to do is to love what he is doing in order to motivate others to move along. And one day, he found out that he was awarded “outstanding”. He could not help but to feel surprised, all he has done is to follow his heart and learn from failures. This simply reinforces the fact that the key to outstanding is solely the mindset to truly believe in ourselves and stay happy. Accomplishments do not happen miraculously. All milestones come from self-reflections after overcoming self-doubt. After these invaluable experiences, he now certainly believes that outstanding is never about standing out the most with the most extraordinary ability, but about having the heart to strive for the best regardless of your ability. For all of this, he truthfully thanks his family, friends, school, for their faith in him and motivating him as who he is today. He may be born in a small community, but it does not mean he could not dream big and do great things. He may be fortunately selected as an outstanding student, but he certainly believes that everyone can be outstanding in their own ways. And that little boy can be anyone.