• Kid-AID & Elder-AID — Creator (2022-present)
  • 「童擁AI」CODING ∞ Competition and Showcase 2023 — Champions in Secondary School Section and Best Performance Award  (2023)
  • INTOC Global 2022 International Science Project Competition — Physics and Engineering Category Golden Award (2022)
  • Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Technology Competition 2022-2023 — Champion & Best Presentation Award (2023)
  • HK Island and Kowloon Inter-School Athletics Competition 2021-2022 (Division Two) Girls C Grade 400m — First Runner-up (2022)

I have been fascinated by electronics and technology from a young age. Thanks to the support from my family and school, I have been able to develop my interests in STEM, becoming a person who enjoys creating inventions to solve daily problems. It has also become my dream to give back to society with my passion some day.

Last year, news about physical abuse in local childcare centers broke out. While I was reading about how the mistreatment the victims received, my heart ached and I pondered some questions: Why weren’t we able to find about these abuse cases earlier? Was it only because the victims didn’t speak up? Was it possible that the CCTVs weren’t checked thoroughly, or someone had chosen to hide the incidents? There weren’t any solutions widely used in Hong Kong, so I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

In half a year, I led a team in the creation of Kid-AID, an AI-based system that makes use of video recognition technology to detect suspected physical abuse in camera footage. Throughout this journey, I have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions that have further solidified my purpose and passion: when I immersed myself in my work, whether it be conducting research, coding, or testing my project, I felt a sense of excitement jumping into a boundless space of creativity, knowing that I am utilizing my skills to make a tangible difference in the world.

There were also moments when I experienced frustration and self-doubt. I was using a 12-year-old laptop for my project. It constantly overheated, telling me it had insufficient computing power. I had difficulties picking up a new programming language. However, when I remembered the devastating impacts of abuse, the determination to make things right became the driving force behind my project, igniting flames within me to create a solution that could alleviate pain suffered by the young and innocent victims.

In the end, my hard work paid off. My project has been successful in detecting and alerting users of suspected abuse. I was given the chance to present our ideas and creations at numerous science fairs, such as the Hong Kong Science Fair, and the InfoMatrix fair in Mexico. I also attended some newspaper and radio interviews to raise awareness of the issue. Besides, I created Elder-AID, a fine-tuned variation of Kid-AID that aims to combat abuse in elderly nursing homes.

Through this project, not only did I gain hard skills related to artificial intelligence, I also realized the impact a single person’s initiative can have on a community. A good invention may not always be using the most groundbreaking, brand-new technologies; in fact, different inventions make use of different mechanisms — what is more determinant to their value is their purpose in society. This also applies to “outstanding” individuals — we may not share the same abilities or interests, but we are all outstanding in our unique ways if we make use of what we have to serve others.