• Ying Wa College – Music Captain (2017-18)
  • Ying Wa College – Japan Drumming Tour Leader (2017)
  • Sham Shui Po Outstanding Youths – Youth Leadership Award (2018)
  • Hong Kong International Music Festival – First in Plucked-string Group (2017)

When I was in Primary 1, the school encouraged us to learn musical instruments. While most of my peers applied for popular instrumental classes, I chose pipa, a Chinese plucked-string instrument, based on my own preference. Since then, I have often been challenged as pipa was an unpopular instrument, especially among boys. Worse still, the school cancelled the Chinese Orchestra and the pipa class when I needed trainings. For the years onwards have I been alone striving to achieve goals which were doomed to fail. All I had were my musical passion and support from my family.

My perseverance has resulted in opportunities of overseas performances and exchanges. While being satisfied with my performance, I was amused by the impressive skills and artistic attainments of the musicians from all over the world. This was when I realized the importance of modesty and learning from others. Moreover, I understood that music is about sharing with others instead of simply performing.

Sharing music and influencing the thoughts of others are so meaningful that beyond compliments and achievements. I have always been clear that my goals are promoting Chinese culture and proving to others that boys can also be a good pipa player.

My passion is not only limited to music, but also helping and serving others, thanks to the experiences of volunteered music performances and my observation on the beneficial deeds of my parents. Residing and studying in Sham Shui Po District, I bear the responsibility of serving the needy in this district compiling of poverty, aging population and poor livelihood. Through organizing community service, I hope to gather more students from different schools in the district to raise their awareness of helping those in need. We can definitely make changes with love and care.

I aspire to apply my musical knowledge on voluntary tuition for teenagers from low-income families. May my blessing help them become outstanding individuals and inherit our Chinese culture.