• Awardee of Don Bosco Prize (2019)
  • Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition 2019 – Distinction in Chemistry, High Distinction in Biology
  • Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award (2018/19) – First Class Honours
  • Our Lady of the Rosary College Captains of school Basketball Team and Sports Society (2018/19)
  • Almost 250 hours of voluntary service in 2018

I am just a secondary school student born in an ordinary family. I am not good at speaking and I do not have many outstanding talents. It is my honour to be one of the awardees of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award this year.

It is believed, “success” is all about willing to try, to persist, to cherish, and to give.

I remember when I first came to Hong Kong, I faced many challenges, such as cultural differences, educational differences and language barriers. Since I only started to learn English when I was in primary three, I realized that my English level was far lower than that of my classmates. I deeply felt the challenges of language barriers and educational differences every day. But I did not give up. I had put extra effort in my studies in order to keep up with other classmates. Finally, my efforts paid off and I successfully entered a secondary school using English as the teaching medium.

However, since I only focused on studying, I rarely communicated with others, which made me an introvert.

After entering secondary school, my horizons have broadened. Having joined different voluntary works, I found that many of us are very lucky to have a blessed life. During the Easter holidays in 2018, I went to the less developed villages in Gansu, China to teach primary students. There were not many facilities in the school and even the road to the school was not properly built. When I came back to Hong Kong, I truly felt that I was so fortunate to be able to receive free education in Hong Kong, have a comfortable learning environment, and participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. I was extremely grateful for the support from my school and the society. This made me feel that I should change myself and contribute as much as I can to the society.

Therefore, in addition to participating in different volunteer activities, I also took on different roles at school. One of them was Guidance Monitress. Even though I cannot speak Cantonese fluently, I still felt the need to step out of my comfort zone to face or even overcome this difficulty. When I talked to strangers, I was afraid and nervous. As I shared my study skills and interesting campus life with my schoolmates again and again and got their response, I felt content and relieved. In addition, I also tried to design and host different after-school activities for freshmen to build their sense of belonging to the school. I was very happy to see them enjoying the activities. As someone who was even afraid to speak up in front of others, this was indeed a challenge to me. I am proud that I tried, persisted, and finally overcame all the obstacles and successfully completed my role as Guidance Monitress for three years.

In fact, the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award was also a challenge for me. I cherished this opportunity and I grabbed the golden chance to broaden my horizons. With my humble family background, I understand what the underprivileged feel and think. No matter how hard life might be, I will seize every opportunity to learn new things so that I can contribute to the society as much as I can in the future.

Giving is Outstanding.