• Social Services Society of Diocesan Boys’ School – Chairman (2016-17)
  • Music Department of Diocesan Boys’ School – Chief Duty Officer/ Vice-Chairman (2016-17)
  • Science Society of Diocesan Boys’ School – Chairman (2016-17)
  • World Music Contest – Gold Award in Harmony 2nd Division (2013)
  • Washington D.C. International Music Festival held – Gold Award (2015)

To influence life with life

I believe modern education is not only confined to school hours or within the school boundary. Being one of the youngsters pursuing all-round development, I, on top of attaining academic excellence, also devote myself to diversified extra-curricular activities such as science projects, environmental protection, editorial work of both English and Chinese school almanacs and moral education. Through participation in activities, I have acquired different fields of knowledge that have helped me develop the personality necessary to meet challenges in my future life.

I have a unique passion in music which is also known as the common language all over the world. My active roles in the school orchestra, concert band and woodwind ensembles not only allow me to enjoy the gratification in playing music, but also bring me a lot of valuable opportunities to open my eye to international musical activities including the Washington D.C. International Music Festival and the World Music Contest in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. I enjoy the great chance to meet musicians from different countries and appreciate music of different cultural backgrounds. It broadens my horizons in both musical and cultural aspects. Moreover, as one of the key stones in the school orchestra, it is my duty to lead and guide junior members and pass on the heritage of our music department. I very much treasure the opportunity to enhance my interpersonal and leadership skills, which equip me with essential qualities of a good character, social and technical skills, hopefully making me into a leader in society.

Furthermore, I am keen on serving the community. It allows me to display the quality of ‘to serve before to lead’. My service targets cover different walks of life, such as organizing workshops for the underprivileged children, visiting elderly living alone, raising fund for Orbis by organizing bazaars, participating in activities with the elderly who are suffering from chronic diseases and serving as volunteer at Queen Mary Hospital to spread love and grace in society. There is a Chinese saying that goes “it is more blessed to give than to receive”. Through joining different varieties of community services, I deeply appreciate that I am a lucky one who is able to offer help to others.

My determination to serve the community derives from my personal suffering from a severe immune disease when I was 10 years old. During the summer holidays, I was hospitalized for 7 days in Queen Mary Hospital. I could hardly imagine why the urine was purple and the skin was full of small bruise-like markings. Under completely unfamiliar conditions in an unacquainted environment, I was worried and desperate. At that time, I experienced how touched and sentimental a person would be if someone helped and cared about you when you were helpless. This unforgettable experience has shaped my determination to become a medical practitioner in the fields of Immunology so that I can stand side by side of helpless patients to give them support, care and hope when they are desperate.

The above bitter experience enlightens me with the motivation and meaning for life. Life is never about how much one can achieve and take from the world, rather it is about how much one can devote to society. I realize there is a long way full of challenges ahead of me. I will try my utmost effort to share my blessings to as many people as I can, with my words, my music and my action.