• Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College Community Youth Club – Vice Chairman (2016-17)
  • Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College Debating Club – Vice Chairman (2014-16)
  • Young Artists Club – Chairman (2014-15)
  • China National Children’s Fine Arts Calligraphy & Photography Competition – First Price in Art (2015-16)

Now, you may see me as someone who is passionate about life. But the fact is, I grew from “nobody” to someone who wants to be “somebody” because of the love I received from my parents, my friends and God.

When I was a little girl, I joined a lot of extra-curricular activities because of my mum; however, I found my own interest and built up my ability through these. When I got older, I participated in the debating club just because my friend liked the teacher of the club. Then I joined several outstanding students’ elections just because of my friends’ recommendation. But gradually, I have learnt to care about our society in a more meaningful way. Life is like a puzzle, put together by essential small pieces. Every happy or sad memory does count.

The most important thing is that I have learnt how to love. People are always beside me when I am down. I will never forget that morning when I found, on my table, information on different kinds of writing styles, after a fight between my mum and me about a piece of Chinese writing homework the night before. It showed so much love and care from my parents. I think it is the reason why I love others. I remember the days when everyone was struggling for the public exams and how we would all support one another through the massive challenge. Sometimes, I would draw some cards for my classmates to encourage them. Sometimes, I would receive chocolates and cards from others that showed their support. We can never tell how great the impact of our actions would be. But the only thing I know is that I feel very warm, and I hope others feel the same. That is why I want to use the power God has given me to contribute to society.

I am just an ordinary student. However, because of God, my parents and friends, I am eager to strive for extraordinary.