• Winnie Chan (1986-1987) | Publisher of《好媽咪Baby-mo》and《孕媽咪Pre-mo》
  • Simon Shen (1995-1996) | Associate Professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Social Science

——How to spread your beliefs at work? How can today’s education arise their curiosity apart from providing young people with learning?——

Both of them are the cross-border workers who have worked in a number of professional fields and achieved remarkable results. Winnie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Master’s degree in Accounting. After graduation, he has served as a management consultant and a manager of two listed companies. At a time, when her career was going well, she gave up her high-paying job but to devote herself to the world of cultural and publishing. She went to Japan to gain the copyright of the best-selling parenting magazine and became the publisher of the magazine. She has a self-proclaimed entrepreneurial gene and has been involved in the creation of Tom.com, Openrice, pet stores and digital video services. She believes that excellence is the courage to face the unknown and unleash her ability. He graduated from Yale University ( Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Political Science) and Oxford University (Ph.D. in Political And International Relations) and also is an organizer, columnist and lead author of a number of private think tanks. As a result, she  is a well-known international relations scholar in Hong Kong who is currently primarily involved in outreach and unknown work. He teaches student politics and international relations Although he said frankly that he hates politics, he loves to travel, film, and taste in her lifestyle. He believes that there is no uniform definition of excellence, he just is disciplined and consistent lying on everything.