• Hugh O’Brian Youth World Leadership Congress 2018 – Hong Kong Representative
  • The 2018 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows – Gold Award (String Orchestra)
  • 27th Hong Kong Union for Young Leaders – Promotion Manager
  • SHKP Vertical Run – Champion (Charity Relay)(2018)
  • Raimondi College – Executive Committee Member of the 50th Student Union

What is “Outstanding”? In everyday life, we use the term “Outstanding” to describe a person of excellence in ability or achievements. However, when it comes to the individual personal perspective, outstanding can come with entirely different meanings. It cannot be quantified easily, nor can you define it as an absolute standard. What is deemed outstanding by one may be the norm for another. Outstanding can come in various different forms. May it be in terms of academic ability, or in terms of social service. Every person may have their own interpretation.

I think the key to determining your own “Outstanding” is on yourself. Throughout my years of exploration, I have come to a realization: I am going to follow my heart and do what makes my life fulfilled. Being able to achieve this is outstanding to me. This enables me to be true to myself, without having to surrender to society’s constrictions. Whatever I do, the intent is always to enjoy life and the fulfillment it brings, to celebrate every living day with the blessings I am gifted with and to contribute to others. That way, I can fully embrace this one and only life we are living in so that I will not have to face my future self in remorse. It seems easier said than done and somewhat hedonistic, but this is in fact the key for me to learn from every experience and take the most out of them.

Being in pursuit of fulfillment does not mean shying away from troubles. I have had several fortunate and valuable experiences as a student leader that helped forge the person I am. I learnt to embrace every obstacle that comes in my way. When I try to find joy in every situation I am in, I will find myself being in joy even with the worst situations. Some people find volunteering tedious as they treat it only as a task, but I find it fulfilling as I treat it as a way of giving back. I had the fortunate opportunity to travel to Chicago and take part in the Hugh O’Brian Youth World Leadership Congress last summer, with the theme of serving and giving back. I had the chance to meet a lot of young and established activists who are already very engaged in fighting for their beliefs. It dawned upon me how little and weak I was compared to them. The people I met were very inclusive and supportive to everyone there. Every speech was concluded with a standing ovation, every performance ended in cheers. They know to value the most in the littlest of things. It is often that you find yourself realizing the beauty of the world around you, only after you learnt to open your own very eyes. I have learnt this when I started to find myself being more and more humbled by the amazing people I am surrounded with, and blessed with the opportunity to learn from them. This has led me through the path of life up till now, and I am sure it will bring me to whatever future I am destined for.