• USA Robofest – Hong Kong Representative (2019)
  • Swiss Olympiad in Informatics (SOI) 2018 – Hong Kong Representative
  • Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2020 – First Honour
  • La Salle College – Best All Round Student (2018, 2019, 2020)
  • La Salle College – Robotics Team Captain (2020-2021), Computer Team Vice-Captain (2019-2021)

Nothing is more precious than learning. As a vivid learner, one could gain the keys to numerous pathways, and for me, I was fortunate to be born with a great ambition to learn. I asked questions, I got answers, then I asked even more. Yet, three questions always had me troubled in my thoughts. Should I learn for uniformity, or diversity in my interests? Should I win at the finish line or the starting line? Most importantly, should I learn for my interest or for the greater good? Fortunately, after a long journey full of ups and downs, the answers have finally been revealed. When I was small, I loved art. From playing musical instruments and chess, to calligraphy and painting, I was certain I would become an artist… until I entered secondary school. As a junior form student, I dedicated myself entirely to science and technology: mathematics, physics, coding, and robotics. At the same time, I was afraid. Not only did I fear that I would lose my previous interests, but also, I would be ending arts too soon and starting science too late. I was scared, and to this day I still remember myself secretly crying in panic that I would eventually lose everything. I am grateful that I became a student of La Salle though, as the great number of talents La Salle nurtured also brought me the greatest number of inspirations I could have asked for. One person, in particular, gave me unforgettable teaching: It’s okay to be yourself. It’s okay to follow your path. It’s okay to start later than others. It’s okay to have a lot of interests – as long as your love for them remains. I took the advice, and the next thing I knew, I finally tore through my barriers and made my mark by representing Hong Kong in coding and robotics competitions in Switzerland and the United States. Yes, I might have to dedicate a lot of time to many interests, but my passion for them made it worthwhile. Yes, I started later than anyone else, but I made it. Since then, I have explored many other possibilities with my interests. As the saying goes in the Lasallian Family, no matter how far we go, how high we soar, we should always remind ourselves to look around and care for those in need: the last, the lost, and the least. At first, I was skeptical, as I was worried that I could not find a balance between personal interest and the greater good. Surprisingly, one fresh try made all the difference. This exploration led me to find out how I could combine my passion and helping others, and seeing the smiles on the faces of the needy motivated me to keep doing what I was doing. It was then that I realized, serving was the one and only way to true happiness. And that is what I think outstanding truly means. For oneself, it means dedication and perseverance; for his friends, it means leadership and love; and when that person equips himself with the right tools, a small step for one could be a big step for everyone. The words “dedication”, “perseverance”, “leadership”, and “love” can be easily grasped, a dictionary would be enough, yet one definition does not mean there are not endless possibilities – everyone can be outstanding in their way.