• Singing Fighter 2019 – Overall Champion, Secondary School Champion
  • World Championships of Performing Arts (USA) – Silver Award in Vocal Self-accompany Pop/Rap/Rock (2019)
  • 70th Hong Kong School Music Festival – Champion (Piano duet in Senior Group)
  • 69th Hong Kong School Music Festival (2017) – Champion (Piano Solo-Chinese Composer)
  • The HK Schools Sports Federation (Inter-school Basketball Competition) (2018) – 1st Runner Up

I was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia when I was 20 months old. I then broke my leg due to the weakened muscle. It had been challenging for my family, as there were many twists and turns throughout the entire treatment. Fortunately, I survived the blood cancer and I soon started going to school like everybody else. I consider myself as a multipotentialite. I enjoy reading, doing sports, singing, and playing the piano. Music is not merely an amusement to me but also consolation. I play the piano and sing along whenever I feel lighthearted or downhearted. Meanwhile, I have been taking part in various sports ever since my leg got well-recovered. I like playing basketball very much with my teammates. I am also passionate about field running and have won some race medals. Thanks to my consistent reading habit, I tend to have satisfactory academic performance. My mother always gives me positive energy and appreciates my efforts. Though she tells me to stay grateful and humble all the time, she also reminds me of my duties and obligations as a capable and contributive stakeholder of society. Everything was great until life decided to challenge me again. I lost 90 percent of vision in my left eye because of an amoeba infection at age 11. The recovery was excruciating and despairing. Yet, it is lucky for me to have such a loving and caring family. My parents, brother, and sister have given me a lot of assistance and support. I gradually overcame this major obstacle and eventually caught up with schoolwork and other extracurricular activities. Besides, I am devoted to community services. I believe in giving and sharing, and thus I involve in many charity fundraising events. Music has played an increasing part of my life as I grow, driving me to participate in a rich variety of local and overseas competitions. I was stunned to witness the World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in America that people round the world singing and dancing along with music, as if it was a universal language, bonding all of us together regardless of nationality or race. This scene inspired me that how powerful music can be, and I hope I could make use of its strength to connect people. I play multiple roles in my “world.” I am a school leader. I am a pianist. I am an athlete. I am a cancer survivor. I am a life warrior. I am also a contributor to my community. I look forward to bringing motivation and positive influences to others, especially those who are undergoing hard times in their lives.