• 34th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition 2018-2019 – 1st Runner-Up
  • 卓越學生領袖選舉 (2018) – 卓越學員
  • Hong Kong Lasallian Youth Movement – President (2017-2018)
  • Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College – English Debating Team Captain (2018-2020)
  • Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College Student Association – Vice-President (Internal) (2018-2019)

Nobody would have ever imagined that I, a typical secondary school student growing up in an ordinary family, could become one of the winners of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award. Frankly, I always had doubt about my ability. I was unsure whether I was capable to be an outstanding student because I believed I was just mediocre. But I was wrong; self-belief is the key. I have to believe in myself; I am braver than I think, more talented than I know, more capable than I imagine, and ready to make breakthroughs.

I had some frustrations before my primary school graduation, but after some reflections, those experiences had made me stronger. When I stepped into secondary school, I decided to stop being pessimistic; but set goals, equip myself all the time, and seize every opportunity to succeed. With my experience in debating and leading some programmes, I have become the youngest Hong Kong Lasallian Youth Movement (LYM) President who represented Hong Kong at the Asia Pacific Lasallian Youth Congress, the first English debating team captain who led our school team into the Sing Tao Debating Final, and the first LYM Chairman who started a campaign, Hope 2018, to help homeless people. And today, I have become the first CSK student receiving this Award.

There was a big challenge during my Sing Tao debating contests. After the third preliminary round, I underwent three surgeries to cure my illness. I kept on participating in the quarter-final and semi-final because as the captain, I had to keep up the momentum of our team. It was really a tough time for me. I remember my wound was oozing on stage and I had to take a tremendous dosage of pain-killers to stay focus on the competition. Although it was extremely painful and torturing, it was worthy. Self-belief is important, but we also have to persevere and never give up despite difficulties too.

Looking back on these few years, I barely have any regrets because my teachers and schoolmates have given me vast opportunities and support. I will never forget my teammates and my coach, Miss Lee. I wish I can do more, to try as hard as I can, to explore as much opportunities as I can, and to be someone I truly want to be.