• The 48th & 49th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts in Lidice – Rose of Lidice Medal (2020 & 2021)
  • The 39th & 40th Small Montmartre of Bitola – Gold Prize (2020 & 2021)
  • The First Children International Painting Festival of Kerman with UNICEF & UNESCO – Child Judge (2021)
  • Art Next Expo – Featured artist (2017 & 2019)
  • RTHK 學界超星道 ”從香港學界到世界第一” – 嘉賓 (2020)

The teal waters of Lake Ohrid turned a pale grey hue as a cacophony of pitter-patter rang in my ears. Huddled up under the shelter of a canopy, I watched in horror as the intricate layers of pigments I had carefully applied eroded away. Despondent, I wanted to recede into the blurry streaks that were once my brushstrokes – away from the impending criticism of everyone else in the Small Montmartre of Bitola international on-site painting competition. It was only after an hour that the rain ceased, and a passerby stopped beside my painting. She told me that she was mesmerized by the marbling effect on my painting, and that it captured the essence of rain. With a newfound courage, I persevered through the darkest moments, resulting in an artwork that earned me the title of ‘Best of the Day’.

It is these one-of-a-kind experiences that shape me into who I am today. From winning my first international award at the age of four, art has held a special place in my heart. My proficiency in the visual arts have not only served as a form of impression – a tool to capture the external, but also a form of expression – a universal language that relays my opinions and emotions to others. More importantly, it offers me the priceless ability of introspection. The creative process entails the exploration of my own identity – my priorities, perceptions, and prejudices. It urges me to put myself in the shoes of others, be open-minded when viewing the world, and discern right and wrong in an age of misinformation.

Every piece of art has a unique narrative in itself. Without intention, art ceases to exist. As a person who strives to make an impact, my art is inseparable from a drive to tackle societal inequality. Growing up, frequently visiting countries across the globe due to my artistic achievements have made me sensitive to the transcultural conflicts prevalent in modern society. Interracial harmony, the climate emergency and local culture are a few topics that I am keen to address. Apart from actively partaking in global art contests holding exhibitions to raise awareness of these issues, I have also collaborated with organizations such as the Young Artist Development Foundation, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, The Landmark and the Hong Kong Shipowners Association, along with the Environment Bureau, organizing art workshops, performing charity work, as well as carrying out design work, for instance remodelling the recycle bin. These accomplishments have made me realize the endless potential of my abilities and fuel my future endeavours.

The inexorable shift in human needs and values make it difficult to foresee what the future holds. But my journey doesn’t end here. Moving forward, I wish to pursue architecture, a form of art that integrates functionality with aesthetics. I firmly believe that the solutions to our crises do not lie within money nor violence, but within creativity, innovation, and a willingness to seek opportunity among change, just as how the passerby saw marble when all I saw was fading streaks of paint.