• Hong Kong Women Football National Representative Team U19 (2017-present)
  • GSIS — Head Prefect (2022-2024) & Deputy Head Student (2022-2023)
  • Let’s Get Physical — President and Founder (2021-present)
  • GSIS — Robotics Team CEO (2020-23)
  • GSIS U18 Girls Football Team — Captain & Coach (2022-23)

I believe outstanding students pursue their passions with perseverance. They involve others and leverage their combined experience and knowledge to give back and positively impact society. My self-discovery process started with football and the school I flourished in, GSIS.

A passion for football led me onto the Hong Kong National Football Team at the age of 10. As IGCSE/IB’s academic rigor intensified and the energy and time demanded by my extra-curricular activities multiplied, my commitment to football faltered. Should I choose painful blisters and swollen knees that come with my weekly 15 hours of football training, over flawless report cards? Through self-discipline and good time-management, I realized that they can co-exist.

Football cultivated a competitive drive and resilience to overcome hardship in me. It fostered a multitude of life skills, whether it be working with a wide spectrum of people as a teammate or leader, turning pressure into a positive force, or dealing with defeats while learning from rivals. Football empowered me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I felt compelled to share this experience and founded “Let’s Get Physical,” an organization that connects like-minded student volunteers to provide underprivileged children with sports opportunities and a fun way to practice life-skills, with the hope that sports will empower them like it did for me. Nothing is more rewarding than witnessing the children’s laughter and energy during our sessions.

GSIS has nurtured me since kindergarten, so I am eager to give back to my second family. Realizing that I can maximize impact in a leadership position, I ran for Head Prefect, Deputy Head Student, and Head of Mentoring and won with support from teachers, friends, and family. In my leadership role, I revamped the Student Life Website to consolidate all student relevant information in one location and to facilitate information flow, and organized various events to foster school spirit. As Head of Mentoring, I organized Y12/13 students to mentor Y7-11 students, bridging the gap between those wanting to help with those in need. The countless “thank you” messages from parents and mentees confirmed our efforts were worthwhile.

Working on these projects has been a rollercoaster ride. I had to satisfy various stakeholder interests whilst operating within organizational constraints. I was over-zealous and almost succumbed to the overwhelming responsibilities I shouldered. Through perseverance, patience and creative problem-solving, I cleared obstacles one-by-one. I learned to delegate, trust teammates like in football, and value the perspectives different voices brought, allowing us to successfully reach our end-goals together.

HKOSA gave me the invaluable opportunity to meet many talented people and self-reflect. The unrelenting pursuit of my dreams despite societal pressures, and motivating positive change along the way, are what got me here today. I hope my experience can inspire others to follow their passions so they can use it to help more people and contribute to the greater good.