• 71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival – Tom Lee Music Prize for Piano Ensemble – Secondary School – 2nd runner up (2018-2019)
  • 2nd Thailand Fencing Federation Minime Series – Epee Individual U14 Champion and U17 2nd runner up (2018)
  • Sham Shui Po District Age Group Swimming Competition Men’s 50m Backstroke Champion and Men’s 50m Butterfly – Champion (Record Breaker) (2019)
  • WinWin Run 2km – 1st runner up (2019)
  • St. Paul’s Co-educational College – Student Union Internal Affairs Director, Swimming Team Captain, Symphony Orchestra Chairperson (2021-2022)


Having looked in here, you’re presumably a possible awardee-to-be or a past participant. Either way, we all have contemplated why “giving” is outstanding but not accomplishing, experiencing, believing, or the array of words that also give meaning to life. Growing up in a traditional, academic-heavy elite school, I was just as confused. I questioned why we strive for academic excellence and bury ourselves in the culture of over-tiring oneself. Yet, my most dire query is if that is the life I aspire to excel in, if I would drown in regret whilst looking back in the future.

Eventually, I got my answer, and for that, I would have to thank my parents. They were never the kind who forced me to place academics above all. They allowed me to develop and devote time to my interests as long as my academics were somewhat mediocre and decent. Through sports, music, volunteering, I met countless like-minded individuals but more importantly, the training, competitions, experiences… the processes broadened my horizons, channelled my empathy, patience, bestowed perseverance upon me, the mentality to overcome hardship, and above all — joy. I gave myself the courage to leap out of my comfort zone, to learn life-long skills from different spectrums of life, to explore talents and potential which are unique to self. That is the “give” which truly makes you outstanding. Do not blindly conform to societal norms, instead, give yourself some space and freedom to pursue your dreams, and with that being said, all of you reading this are outstanding in your own ways, where the key which unites us all is passion.



With the unprecedented yet unpredictable global pandemic on our hands, it’s only aggravating the unsustainability of medical services in our society. Right now, the elderly population is escalating quickly, increasing the demand for medical services; there are inadequate doctors, nurses, hospital beds, allied health workers; limiting such medical services; technological advancements lead to costly investigation modalities, causing economic burden. I deeply believe that health is a basic necessity and to make that provident in the future, there has to be change. No matter the obstacle, it all comes down to making the first step. Hence, I aim to study medicine, become a doctor, then serve at public hospitals; occasionally writing medical newsletters to arouse public interest to prompt a change or partaking in voluntary work to raise people’s awareness…Yet, to know more about the underprivileged in order to better understand their present needs and concerns, my volunteering experiences definitely come in handy. We are all extremely familiar with the motto — giving is outstanding, however, may we not only memorize it but identify the problems surrounding us, pinpoint the ones that we would like to change about, set a comprehensive goal, stand back up whenever we fall, and give our every effort to make a change!