• World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships 2020 – Hong Kong Team
  • Harvard Book Prize 2020 – Winner
  • “21st Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition – China (2018) – 2nd Runner Up
  • Island School – Head Student (2019-2020)
  • Island School – Most Outstanding Islander Award (2020)

I cannot fly, turn invisible nor teleport, but I have the power to view rejections and obstacles as meaningful learning opportunities. Funnily enough, my parents constantly joke around with the numerous rejections I received from primary schools as a young child, one after another. Yet I still managed to view each interview experience as a joyous opportunity to explore the fascinating facilities of each school, whether that be the nice looking building or fancy technology. In fact, my very journey in discovering the power of our voices started with a failed recital competition. I admired the participation award in my hand with more awe than the trophy in the hand of the champion; pure and overly-optimistic some say, perhaps it was because I understood that the process to being “outstanding” does not have to start out smooth. This mentality is what nurtures our ability to grow; the aim is never to be perfect, but to learn from our attempts. The areas in which I have grown and learned from include my journey with public speaking. At a young age, experiencing the sense of comfort and enjoyment in presenting to peers and teachers, I knew public speaking was for me. From the youngest member in the school’s debate team, to eventually representing Hong Kong nationally and internationally, I witnessed the precious bond between the speaker and its listeners. I may not win every time, but I continue to join because this art form not only empowers voices to convey and transfer knowledge and thoughts, but to share a message. As a member of the Hong Kong team, the opportunity to learn from one another was invaluable to me. Exposing myself to the areas to work on by appreciating the skill of others is what I enjoy the most. I have also learnt from the leadership positions I have had in school, as one that liaises with various stakeholders in schools. For one of the many projects I have been involved with, I started with a vision of implementing a mentorship programme within school to assist younger year students with their subject choices. At the start, already, I was aware of the many hurdles I will have to overcome. But I persevered. After countless discussions with teachers and resolving new emerging problems, the system was in place. Not only have I been equipped with the skills of planning and leading, I saw how one initial rough idea could benefit such a large group; hearing a simple ‘thank you’ down the corridor, made the rocky process worthwhile. Now, being awarded the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award is a remarkable milestone that marks the process and journey I have been through. My mindset has been crucial, but so was the support I have received. So, I must thank all my teachers, friends and family who have been there for me throughout; but most importantly, my mother who taught me a rocky start should never stop anyone.