• Janet Ng (1995-1996) | 丹麥唯聽助聽器集團港澳地區主管
  • Hugh Kam (2000-2001) | Barrister

——What is the biggest gain about being a outstanding student? What is the relationship between professional development and it?——

Both of them have served as two-year committee of the association and they have created a number of iconic youth projects that focus on the development of youngsters. They say it is a big family and thank everyone who helps them to grow up. Janet graduated in the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Speech and Auditory Sciences and a Master’s degree in Medical Sciences. She is a senior speech therapist and medical administrator who has been actively promoting the development of speech and hearing professions, has been re-elected as the President of the Hong Kong Speech Therapists Association for five terms and has served as an honorary clinical mentor of the University of Hong Kong. In addition, she is passionate about social welfare matters and serves as a leading member of a number of groups, but she is committed to becoming a good mother while she is busy. Hugh is a language talent, proficient in many languages. He is an association’s writing expert who obtained a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Cambridge, and obtained a master’s degree in law from Peking University as well and he became a barrister. Being passionate in public service, he has represented Hong Kong many times in poor areas, and he loves to travel, threatening that his next goal is to travel to every corner of the world and this year’s destination is Iran. They believe that excellence is the courage to practice the values that they believe in and strive to achieve their goals.