• The Illumino Singers – Co-chairperson and Student Conductor (2020–2021)
  • Diocesan Boys’ School Symphony Orchestra and Treble Choir – Vice-chairman and Student Conductor (2020–2021)
  • The Hong Kong Children’s Choir – Outstanding Service Award (2020) and Distinguished Chorister (2021)
  • Music for the Kindling Heart – Co-organiser (2020)
  • 71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival – Champion (Vocal Solo – Foreign Language – Boys Treble Voice) (2019)

I still remember singing along enthusiastically to The Sound of Music film every day when I was a child. I would feel so exuberant as I sang along with the Trapp Family Singers. At some point in my childhood, I knew I wanted to be a singer.

As I matured, my dedication to music never waned, only bloomed like an unfolding flower as I eagerly sang in choir performances. However, music now does not just make me smile; it also makes me cry. I broke down as I sang Darius Lim’s Children of Light in 2018 because the music and text truly inspired me – I realised “there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel”. This experience stimulated my goal to instead be a choral conductor: I wish to serve the music, touching others’ souls like how music has kindled mine.

I was diagnosed with a voice disorder in 2020. With a glottal gap, singing became extremely challenging and painful. I then understood resilience is not blindly pushing yourself despite the obstacles, but rather, understanding your limitations and coming up with solutions accordingly. After a period of therapy and well-deserved rest, I found my new voice as a bass-baritone instead of my lost countertenor voice. This experience made me even more passionate about music as I realised “every second is a gift” – I should treasure the opportunities bestowed upon me.

I believe my passion for music is the key catalyst that transformed me into an outstanding student. I disagree with what my peer once said of me that “passion is nothing without talent”, for one will not be motivated to excel without passion. Though I may not be as talented as my fellow musicians, music has nevertheless been a life-changing experience for me. My years of singing, playing the trumpet and serving as student conductor in multiple ensembles helped nurture my confidence, sense of responsibility and communication skills. Thus, I am inspired to give back to my community, bringing about change through music. For example, I hosted a charity concert and co-founded a choir for secondary school choristers to inspire hope during the tumultuous pandemic.

Music will forever remain an integral component of my life; I will never stop sharing music’s healing power and helping others find their voice.