• Emmy Li (1996-1997) | ophthalmologist
  • Michelle Siu (2013-2014) | Doreen Leung Memorial Service Awardee (2013-14)

——What is the value of life? Facing of the misfortunes of life, what attitude do they process to face adversity?——

The relationship between Emmy and Michelle began at the 2010 Distinguished Volunteer Award ceremony and was praised for their enthusiastic service. Emmy is the ophthalmologist for Michelle. Other than providing treatment, she also took this opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the world behind Michelle’s blindness so as to care about her growth and encourage her to stand for election as an outstanding student in Hong Kong. This friendship began this way, and they cherish every chance which can meet together. In high school, Emmy aspired to become an ophthalmologist because she had served blind people. Even though her official duties are heavy, she has been actively volunteering for more than 20 years, and she believes that smiles and love are more effective as treatments than medicine, and her next goal is to set up a charitable organization to promote eye education in order to educate doctors and the general public about it. Michelle has been blind since childhood with eye problems, but she doesn’t think it’s a misfortune, she thinks God takes her vision but gives her musical talent, encouraging her to share happiness with the disadvantaged with her sound and the piano. Her goal is to open a music school where friends with disabilities who are passionate about music can attend classes for free. They believe that excellence is the willingness to serve everyone around them in need, with life affecting life.