• Karen Hung (2000-2001) | Castle Peak Hospital Psychiatrist
  • Stephanie Au (2008-2009) | Hong Kong Swimming Representative Team、full-time athlete

——When they won numerous awards in competition, years from now, what was their choice in the sports road?——

Both of them are a swimmer in their school life, repeatedly breaking the record. Stephanie is a record holder of many Hong Kong women’s swimming events, she has represented Hong Kong at the Olympic and Asian Games, and has excelled in academic performance and extracurricular activities (such as piano, ballet, choir, the art of Chinese painting) as well. She had been served as a full-time athlete after graduating from Berkeley University in California, aiming for participating in the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil;

Karen is a Hong Kong certificate of education examination. After graduation, she has become a psychiatrist, focusing on the treatment of patients with mental disorders, and promoting public mental health education. In recent years, she has turned to run and be a Trailwalker, participating in famous marathons around the world such as Barcelona and Boston, and has won the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon women’s half marathon race runner-up. They contain a belief that excellence is to be concentrated and never give up.