• Victoria Shanghai Academy – Head Girl (2017-18)
  • Victoria Shanghai Academy – President (2016-17)
  • International School Sports Federation Hong Kong U20 girls ball hockey – second place and team captain (2017-18)
  •  Love reading campaign – Co-founder
  • Student of The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (2015-2017)

Student Leader

I did not want my existence in school to be evanescence. I hoped to make an impact and fulfil my high school life with memories that extend beyond the realm of academics. This longing fuelled my desire to run for student council. From assembling the team to tirelessly planning our election campaign, it was an intense period of daily meetings, debate preparation after-school and countless late-night calls.

Our efforts were acknowledged, and we were elected as 2016-2017 student council cabinet, and I became the school’s first female student president.

This experience provided me valuable lessons on how to become a better leader. From this, I was motivated to be more involved with school leaderships from ball hockey captain to head girl. It gives me immense gratification to be able to see the legacy we have left in the school and most importantly to foster the growth of our teammates and group members. My motive to run for leadership positions is not because of the privileges nor about boosting my extracurricular activities. It is the opportunities and challenges that I have gained from these posts: pushing myself to handle multiple responsibilities, challenge my adaptive ability, critical thinking and creativity skills. But most importantly, it allows me to involve in the personal development of other students throughout the challenges they face. This mind-set has invigorated me to seek leadership opportunities and truly offered me incredible opportunities that completed my fruitful high school career.

The beauty of giving

We are fortunate enough to enjoy privileges that many do not, and that is the truth that I realized after my first visit to the orphanage when I was young. I witnessed the children who do not possess the abundant resources that I have – the resources that we often take for granted. Mundane objects such as books have an invaluable worth to those children. So at that tender age, I suggested to my mother that we donate my books to them. Started with my own books, we then reached out to our friends and family and now this small act has expanded to a more significant cause – Love Reading Campaign was founded. Our charity promotes the importance of reading to Thai and Vietnamese orphans, encouraging their academic interests and building bridges between these communities. We collect English books from individuals to institutes. This resource redistribution has not only offered underprivileged children the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of reading but also plants a seed – a seed in their mind that would flourish and form their aspirations and motivations in life.

I think that giving is a beautiful altruistic act: to be able to utilise one’s ability to help others to fulfil their potential. Like Ella Wheeler Wilcox said, I believe that “My life is a brief, brief thing, I am here for a little space. And while I stay I would like, if I may, to brighten and better the place.”