• Joseph’s College – Head Prefect (2016-2017)
  • SCMP “Student of the Year”- Winner (Best Devotion to School Category)
  • Global Youth Ministers – Best Delegation
  • The Law Society of Hong Kong Teen Talk Moot Court Competition (2016) – Top 10 Best Performing Team
  • YWCA Volunteer Group “Extravoluntary”- Member

Stepping right out of the comfort zone

Just like the flickering stars in the night sky, life sheds light on a new path sometimes. You can remain in your comfort zone, or you can dive right into the cold waters and truly explore your talent. The first time I was presented with such opportunity, I was scared. Back in Form 1, I was invited to join the school’s Scout Carlton team. Overwhelmed by intensive training and immense responsibilities, I quitted the team after a week. Fortunate enough, I was given a second chance two years later. Despite my love for gaming, I managed to cut down on gaming time in order to make room for extra-curricular activities.

Inspired by a Senior Prefect, I joined the Prefects’ Board when I was Form 3. Yes, I had to arrive at school earlier every morning; yes, I could no longer chill out with my friends during recesses, but this time I was determined enough to take up these responsibilities. Perhaps it is because I longed to serve my juniors the same way I was supported by amicable prefects in the past.

From the Board, I got to know many seniors, who later offered me a myriad of posts. Each of these positions allowed me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses. Looking back now, never had I imagined that this little step would turn into a leap of faith. A new direction may seem uncomfortable to us, because who knows where it will lead us? But that’s exactly why it needs us.

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else

With a big heart, I always feel pity for the weak, which drives me to do voluntary work. However small it may be, I believe it can still make a difference. In Form 4, I joined YWCA’s Volunteer Training Programme. My first service target is students with special educational needs (SEN). Participants of our service encounter difficulties in everyday communication. Normally, volunteers will introduce basic speaking skills to them, so as to build up their confidence in verbal communication. But my teammates and I decided to go further. In addition to that, why don’t we put their communication skills to test by selling flags with them? In that way, they would need to talk to strangers. Our idea was well-received by our mentor. Turned out with encouragement and guidance, they are not that different from us. Suffering from specific learning disability (SLD), one of them was timid at first; he could not even look us in the eye while talking. Thanks to a grain of encouragement and a little recognition, he has been able to make eye contact in a conversation since our service.

However insignificant this transformation may seem, it surely had a profound impact on the boy and me. Some empower himself by taking from others, some empower himself by giving to others. I belong to the latter; it energises me every time whenever someone is motivated or inspired by me to do good. For example, it is uplifting to hear that I am the reason why some sign up to be a prefect.

Everyone is outstanding in his own way, and I am just an ordinary dreamer who dares to dream a little more.