• Renee Chan (1998-1999) | A singer and a vocal coach
  • Lillian Lai (2002-2003) | A secondary school music panel chairperson and a choir conductor

——How to endow a new life to a note? How far are they willing to achieve for their dreams?——

Both of them loved music since childhood and want to make their interests become their lifelong career. Renee has shown the talent of singers since childhood, from time to time secretly opened a personal concert on different occasions. By reason of having a gifted singing voice, she got into the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (majoring vocal performance), and sing a variety of musical sings, including classical opera, musical and pop music. Other than that, she has played a number of famous opera and musical solo roles, but also often participated in the production and supervision of song recording so she is now an independent singer and vocal director. Lillian was born in a scholarly family and her parents are teachers. After graduating with outstanding results in the Music Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong, she became a secondary school teacher which educated by her parents. Apart from teaching, she has also set up a relationship with teachers and friends by encouraging and leading students to attend inter-school music festivals and public performances to achieve outstanding results. As a result, They think that excellence is the use of their talents.