• Sing With Your Hearts – Founder and Project Chairman (2018-present)
  • UNICEF Young Envoy (2019-2020) and Mentor (2021-present)
  • Inter-school Model United Nations – Executive Committee Member (2020-present)
  • #togetherwesign – Advocate (2020-present)
  • Kids4Kids Advocates Leadership Team (2020-present)

What does it mean to be ‘outstanding’? To me, the beauty of life lies in the fact that everyone possesses unique characteristics and strengths; this is analogous to being distinct diamonds, each poised to sparkle in their own way. I believe the constitution of ‘outstanding’ to be dependent on a person’s ability to utilise their skills in working towards building a diverse and inclusive society whilst contemporaneously inspiring others to take positive action.

My fervour in social issues has played a substantial role in the values I hold dear today. I have pursued this through my avid involvement in Model United Nations and debate, which play an immense role in advancing my critical thinking and analytical skills, learning from like-minded individuals, and becoming an active global citizen. From these experiences, I have grown in grasping that the crucial prerequisite for galvanising change is not one’s age, background, or socioeconomic situation; instead, it is to have empathy – to be able to listen to what others are truly experiencing, place ourselves in their shoes, and hence be empowered to act in a way that will lead to meaningful societal change.

I have initiated various projects concerning the elderly, the homeless, and students with special educational needs. Upon understanding the pervasive issue plaguing the deaf population in our society, under the umbrella of “Sing With Your Hearts”, I organised a plethora of events exemplifying collaboration between the deaf and non-deaf to help cultivate empathy. I often reminisce on the jubilant smiles and exuberance of the members in my assembled sign language choir; as well as the ebullient and ringing sounds of laughter from performing groups – how their happiness has served as the powerhouse of my motivation is simply ineffable. During the pandemic, I started the movement #togetherwesign, kickstarted with a video involving friends from myriad regions signing to a song as a tribute to medical staff worldwide.

In the process of undergoing these projects, I encountered a host of obstacles, including the conceptualisation of the project and persuading various stakeholders to join me in my cause. Through this, I came to comprehend that as long as we remain indefatigable in our ultimate objectives, this spirit will be readily transferred to others as well wherein they will envision our shared end-goal.

I am incredibly thankful for the unconditional trust from my school, family, church, and volunteers. I would not be the person I am today without their support. I firmly believe that when striving for an inclusive society, the synergies garnered will exceed our imagination. Some say that they will believe it when they see it; I say that we will see it when we believe it.