• Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Award – Outstanding Students’ Award
  • Kwun Tong Outstanding Students Election – 13th Outstanding Students
  • 69th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival – Second Runner-Up (Alto Saxophone Solo)
  • Mock Trial – Justice Education Project 2016 – 2017 – The Best Mooter
  • Hong Kong Young Ambassador

‘Success’ is where preparation meets opportunities. For me, the experiences in my school life have shaped me into who I am today. I am constantly striving to equip myself and grasp every opportunity life has offered me.

I was the leader of the athletic team in my primary school. My teammates and I supported each other and treated each other as family members. While we have achieved great results, the most unforgettable things I have earned were our friendship, and the inspiration from my teammates that what matters most in a competition is not the final victory, but the process and the effort we have made.

I am always eager to step out of my comfort zone. I switched to play the saxophone when I was a junior secondary student. Sports and music are drastically different fields and I got to develop and explore my abilities in different aspects. I have learnt that by keeping on challenging myself, I can discover infinite possibilities. As a late-starter in learning to play the saxophone, my progress was way behind my peers’ at the beginning. I felt frustrated and disappointed when I failed to perform a song completely. I knew that I needed great improvement to catch up. So, I practiced hours and hours in sweat and tears. My perseverance paid off eventually and I managed to achieve my goals in face of obstacles.

The turning point of my life is taking part in outstanding students’ elections. Needless to say, many finalists excel academically and devote themselves to various extra-curricular activities. They are the brightest stars because of their strong sense of belonging and dedication to their institutions. There is no single definition of ‘outstanding’, but all candidates have one thing in common – they wholeheartedly shared what they have and influenced others’ lives with theirs. I have learnt a lot from them.

I feel grateful for having such a fruitful life. It would not have been possible without all the help from my teachers and peers. When I reached senior form, I believed that it was time for me to contribute to the society. It is a way of showing my gratitude and paying forward the kindness I have received from many other people before. In light of this, I became a Hong Kong Young Ambassador and a member of the Executive Committee of the Outstanding Students’ Association to serve tourists and students. Just like torch passing, by sharing my experience and skills with other young people, I wish to help them to stay true to themselves, to find their right path and make their dreams and ambitions a reality.

‘Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world’. Learning is not about competing with others. It is a unique journey for each and every one of us to equip ourselves well and explore the beauty of the world.

Let’s keep challenging ourselves and embracing our dreams and goals. Along the way, we may make mistakes, feel tired, frustrated and depressed. Yet, defeat does not mean that we are not bright enough, and adversity serves as a precious opportunity to understand ourselves better. Let’s keep exploring and be amazed by what we are gifted with.