• 2019 Asian Rowing Junior Championships – 2nd Runner-up (Junior Men’s Eight)
  • SCMP Student of the Year Awards 2019/20 – Grand Prize Winner
  • 2019 HARMUN – Best Delegate
  • 2018 Kids4Kids Act!on for a Cause – Most Impactful Project (Treem)
  • 2018 BOCHK Outstanding Athlete Award (Indoor Rowing)

It is an honor to receive the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award (HKOSA), and I am appreciative of everyone who has helped me become the person I am. During my secondary school education, three key activities have defined my life. The most significant challenge we had to face as a rowing team was our disappointing result in the “Pair” event at the Asian Rowing Junior Championships. We went in confident and expected to be challenging for the win, yet as soon as we set off, things started going wrong. We hit the lane rope, nearly capsized, and were not able to recoup our losses – we ended in a disappointing fourth. We knew we needed to change for our second race, the “Eight,” so we planned a strategy for every scenario, whether that be losing grip of an oar or leading off the start. Bouncing ideas off each other, we made sure every member was comfortable with our strategy going into the next race. It went flawlessly, and we ended with a bronze medal. My interest in Model United Nations (MUN) began in middle school and resulted in me becoming the youngest GSISMUN director. My favorite part of MUN has always been the conferences, where I interact with new delegates, hear varied arguments, and always cross the aisle to engage with our opposition blocs. The ability to respectfully debate, then later attend a committee lunch is something I am proud of. I participated in the MATE underwater robotics competitions with my school team. During an exercise, I dropped the robot in the pool and it promptly plummeted to the bottom. Knowing almost nothing about robotics, I was keen to reverse my failure. After doing some research, I learnt that our robot was too dense and, therefore, negatively buoyant, so we solved the problem by adding pool noodles. Based on that experience, we realized our team needed each member to specialize. Given my strength in computer science and my interest in microcontrollers, I took electromagnetism. I taught myself about microprocessors, electromagnetic theory, and a new programming language: C++. After two years, I am proud that our team has developed a more advanced steering system for our robot. The HKOSA is a remarkable award that celebrates those students who inspire me to become more involved in my community, so I congratulate everyone on their achievements and award.