• William Chan (1996-1997) | Convert Simply founder
  • Karen Chan (2000-2001) | Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Division of Life Science assistant professor
  • Victor Lo (2010-2011) | Graduate in The Chinese University of Hong Kong BBA bachelor’s degree

——What is the common ground between the tech world and charity? What changes can they bring to the future?——

With the concept of using their own unique professional knowledge to benefit the society, three outstanding students give full play to their strong point in the scientific and technological community. William earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree of computer science from Stanford University in the United States and started working as a software developer in Silicon Valley after graduation and working for start-up NeoPath Networks and Google. In recent years, he returned to Hong Kong to start a business which is the establishment of the local research team, research the development of e-commerce marketing software and opened up the international market. Karen is an enthusiast of nature. She holds a master’s degree and ph.D. in oceanography in the United States, specializing in the biological and physical relationships between the early stages of life for invertebrate marine animals. She has worked with various groups to actively participate in scientific education research and the promotion of popular science.
Victor is a new immigrant from Sichuan. With his personal efforts and the warm-hearted spirit of helping others, he was recognized as one of the top ten outstanding student and improving students. He believes that knowledge can change the world so he founded the Hong Kong Carbon Compensation Foundation, a charitable organization which focuses on carbon emissions, promotes low-carbon living style, and combats climate change. They believe that the definition of excellence changes with the experience of life, not only academic achievement, but also grasp and play their own strengths, helping others through helping themselves.