• Cathay Pacific I Can Fly Programme – Outstanding Participant (2019)
  • Cisco Innovation Challenge – Hong Kong Region Champion (2017-2018)
  • Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School Head Boy (2018-2019)
  • Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School Symphonic Band Chairman (2017-2018)
  • Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School The Most Responsible and Polite Student Award (2017-2018, 2018-2019)

When I received the Winner Notification, not only was I excited, but I also had a flashback too. Four years ago, it was beyond my imagination that I could become an Outstanding Student one day.

Back in secondary 2, I was an ordinary lad who just muddled through the day. Dealing with school work without effort, I had neither target nor ambition. Fortunately, a little opportunity has changed me completely. I was encouraged by a senior house member to participate in the Inter-house Debating Competition. At that time, I did not have any experience in public speaking, let alone debating with the opponents in English. Finally, I told myself, ‘just give it a try, and don’t care about messing it up’. Despite the fact that I performed badly in the debate and was even criticized by the judge, the experience has changed me forever.

Ever since, I discovered my courage to step beyond my comfort zone. I started to explore activities and competitions that I have never taken part in. I loved to make myself busy, immersing in different activities. I filled my Google Calendar with colours, so as my life. Sometimes I felt exhausted with the jam-packed schedule, but I still enjoyed the bustle. Maybe I loved the satisfaction whenever an event was marked with a fulfilling ending.

If we want to achieve something, the first step is to believe that ‘I can’. Never say ‘I can’t’. When I was in secondary 1, I looked at the Head Prefect List in the school hall. I asked myself if my name could be engraved on the list one day. Finally, the day did come after four years. Being recognized for my strong sense of responsibility, I became the Head Boy. This position has allowed me to apply the leadership skills Iearnt in training camps and polish my leadership skills to become a better leader.

My motto is ‘seek perfection’. When I attended the final interview, the judges asked me, ‘is it really possible for you to achieve perfection?’ I smiled and shook my head. Indeed, no one can be perfect. Why do I set perfection as my aim still? It is because I believe that, once I head toward perfection, I would get closer and closer. In fact, it is the gap between myself and perfection that drives me to seek for continuous improvement. I move forward like an hour hand, keep moving on until the end of time, which does not exist. Just like a clock, I would never step back.

Being an Outstanding Student not only recognised the effort I have paid, it reminded me to keep striving for excellence. While preparing for the public examinations, I may feel depressed sometimes. Whenever I start to lose self-discipline, I would question myself, ‘am I behaving like an Outstanding Student?’ Then, my passion would be aroused again. I would be able to keep fighting.