• Cognitio College (Hong Kong) English Society – Chairperson (2016-17)
  • Cognitio College (Hong Kong) Liberal Studies Club – Vice-President (2016-17)
  • Cognitio College (Hong Kong) Dragon Boat School Team – Secretary (2016-17)
  • Hong Kong Methodist Centre Volunteer Group – Vice-President (2016-17)
  • Hong Kong Red Cross – Advanced leader (Personnel) (2016-17)

Glance Back on the Past and View My Future, Dragon Boat Activist Is About to Explore

I believe that different people may have different definitions of outstanding. My image of an outstanding person is being able to inspire people. Starting from an anonymous student to becoming leaders of various school clubs, I am sure that being brave and being keen to confront challenges are my keys of success.

Reflect on the Past and Work Out Areas of Improvement

I did not pass my examination with flying colours in junior forms, let alone being an outstanding student. I did not understand the importance of learning until the time of selecting electives came in Form 3. Thanks to the belief of “hard work pays off”, I never give up and have successfully achieved a breakthrough in academic achievement during senior forms. Before reaping this fruit, I insisted on spending ten hours on practicing test papers every day.

Unique Experience for Exploring Life

The key element leading to my path of success is hidden in the dragon boat school team. After engaging as a core member, I participated in a wide variety of competitions on behalf of my school on a regular basis. The spirits of endurance and perseverance enabled me to be outstanding in the team. I will always remember that my college broke the record of the Hong Kong Schools Dragon Boat Championship in 2014. At the time, I was one of the competitors, and I gained a great deal of positive energy from accomplishing this “impossible task”. Daily practice did not waste my time for revision, rather, it strengthened my endurance, which enabled me to lift up my spirit and to keep fighting on my path of academic pursuit. Passing through a series of challenges, my goals became clearer and accessible.

Growing with the Sea, Making Full Use of Time

Since I grew up on Peng Chau, I have a unique bond with the mighty ocean. When I feel tired during practice, I will proceed to the sea shore with an aim of having my mind refreshed. In order to make good use of time during transportation, I used to study when travelling on ferries. Meanwhile, the habit of waking up early is well-built. I depart at six in the morning every day to school, which can make me energetic all day long.

All-round Development, Actualize My Full Potential

Apart from the dragon boat school team, I actively participate in a wide spectrum of academic clubs including the English Club and the Liberal Studies Club. I have also joined the Hong Kong Red Cross – and am an advanced leader – in order to improve my discipline. An enrollment ceremony was hosted last year, and it was then when I discovered and sharpened my capabilities in handling large-scale events. These opportunities have allowed me to fully actualize my potential.

Fight for My Dream and Foresee My Dream

Studying with effort and fighting for my dream are always my source of endurance. I dream of being a teacher whose life will positively affect others. I will take up the responsibility of fostering the pillars of society of the future and the obligation of passing knowledge to the next generations – the attributes a professional teacher should have.