• Diocesan Girls’ School – Assistant Head Prefect (2017-18)
  • Diocesan Girls’ School – Gibbins House Captain (2017-18)
  • HarvEst Youth Leadership Award (2017-18)
  • Diocesan Girls’ School Electronics and Robotics Team – Representative of Hong Kong to Asia Pacific FIRST Tech Challenge (2016-18)
  • Diocesan Girls’ School – Student of the Year Award (2015-16)

No one could envisages that I, a normal girl from an ordinary family, could ever get into a top-tier secondary school can achieve distinguishably high performance in various fields, and even become one of the Winners of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award. I am the most grateful to everyone who is supportive to me and shaped me into who I am today. I could shine through the opportunities granted me today. Above all, I am only heartened to follow my dreams owing to all the financial and spiritual support from my family. My life would not have been so amazing and meaningful if I were alone.

Many people think that I have lived an easy life all the way. In fact, my life has not been always that smooth. The tragic nightmare began when I was in primary six. Immediately upon being notified that I was not accepted by my dream secondary school, I felt like it was the end of the world. Then, I was haunted by a series of dreadful events, I fell down during an ice skating performance, I jumped a distance of “personal worst” in the inter-school long jump competition and I missed so many shots in a handball tournament. Yet, this was the turning point of my life. It is through experiencing these failures in my life that I become stronger. After I accepted my failures and reflected upon myself, I was motivated to push myself past my limits. Finally, I was fortunate enough to transfer to Diocesan Girls’ School. Since then, I have transformed into a very persistent person who chases after goals ceaselessly. Even at the present, although I am not even good enough to capture a prize in long jump competitions, I am determined to keep practicing long jump until I am able to reach my target distance one day.

As a secondary school student, I am told that my responsibility is to study hard for the public examination. However, life would be too dull to only study and that is why I actively participate in extra-curricular activities. I find myself enjoying those activities so much that I can put down all my academic burdens and  relax a bit through practicing handball, to code a meaningful mobile application, and to spread the Gospel through organizing Youth Fellowship meetings. Through these activities, I am not only able to acquire knowledge and skills cannot be found in textbooks, I have also expanded my social circle by increasing my exposure to the community, and hence to enhance my communication skills. Thus, succeeding in all these activities is never my main goal. I believe that they have strengthened my physical and mental health, relieved my stress and taught me the right way of living, which will equip myself better to flourish in the competitive world in the future.

I am deeply touched by God’s grace that I am able to live a carefree life without having to worry about living. I feel so blessed to have the chance to receive good education, to pursue my interests, and to accomplish my goals. My prosper has made me wonder what is the meaning of life. After deep thought, I come to a conclusion that I should not let other people or even my achievements define myself. I should follow my will and find the true source of happiness. From the experiences of serving the underprivileged, I realize that I want to bring bless to others, I want to do something for the deprived and I want to apply my skills and knowledge and offer help to the needy.  In view of my interests in the medical field, I want to become a doctor and work in Doctors Without Borders. I want to repay the basic human right of being free from pain and illnesses, especially for those who do not even have the opportunity to receive medication due to poverty. I wish that one day, my minuscule contributions to the needy could make a significant change in the world. With this clear vision in my mind, my thirst for knowledge would be perpetual to prepare the best of me to pursue my dreams!