• Director (2011-2016)
  • Finalist of 14th Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award (1998-1999)

Wayne is the CEO and co-founder of Agent of Change Company Limited (“AOC”), a young social enterprise aims to provide affordable but high-quality daily necessities to the underprivileged. He is also a Director of Creativeline Communications. Wayne was named one of China’s Most Innovative Leaders by Innovation China in 2009 for his innovative brand building and public relations solutions. He is currently a consultant and columnist at Sunday Kiss.

Wayne is also the founding member of several charitable organizations, including the Outstanding Givers and the Hong Kong All Youth Alliance. Through serving as an executive committee member of over 10 non-government organizations and charity campaigns, including Zhong Hua Construction Foundation, Hong Kong Student Activity Foundation, Wofoo Social Enterprises Communications Committee, Small Gift Foundation and Liter of Light etc, Wayne has fully devoted himself to charity and youth services. The story of Wayne has also been widely covered by the media and written as books, radio dramas and television programs. Wayne is the awardee of Young Leaders Selection 2007, being selected as the Hong Kong Spirit Ambassador in 2010, and won both The Hong Kong Volunteer Award and The Hong Kong Youth Service Award in 2013.

Wayne graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, and a Master Degree in Education of the Open University of Hong Kong.