• Kowloon Region Outstanding Students’ Award (2018) – Outstanding Students (Junior Form) 21
  • Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (2019 JENESYS) – Hong Kong representative
  • NWS Geo Wonders Ambassador Project (2020) – Outstanding Performance Team
  • Hok Yau Club Outstanding Student Leaders Award 2019-2020 (15th) – Outstanding Student Leaders
  • Bishop Hall Jubilee School – Head Prefect (2019)

I always thought that small potatoes like me would never bring fundamental impacts to the world. Therefore, I resort to believe that my only responsibility is to be a conscientious student, memorizing every single word in the textbooks. After years of blindness, it dawns on me that the society does not need manufactured and soulless minds. Instead, the world always treasures gifted leaders. When I was young, I reckoned that the world was too dangerous for humans to explore. This world is full of madness, in which wicked wolves are always lurking around their preys. As I get more mature, under the guidance of my parents and teachers, I have an epiphany that the world is also full of opportunities. I still remember I had difficulties just getting the pronunciation right when I first joined the Speech Festival. I was left with immense doubt on my ability. I was so grateful that my parents practiced the speech with me while providing their sincere support, getting me mentally prepared to face the challenge. When I walked onto the stage, it was not as daunting as I had thought and I even enjoyed it. Since then, I stepped out of my comfort zone and embarked on my speech-making journey. Under the cutthroat society, it is necessary to establish global awareness to maintain one’s competitiveness. Therefore, I have joined different exchange programs, one to Canada and another to Japan (2019 JENESYS). Every country I have visited has their unique culture and I am inspired by the Japanese craftsmanship. Joining exchange programs is not simply a travelling experience. It is in fact a learning experience and a chance to serve the society. Ultimately, through cultural exchange and mutual understanding, a bridge connecting different parts of the world can be built. “Leaders are not born. They are made.” It is my firm belief that if we seize all the opportunities to explore our talents, as well as the world, leadership can be cultivated. At school, I have served as Head Prefect; in the society, I hope to contribute more through engaging in social services, striving to bring about betterment in this community we all love. Butterflies break free from their pupa so they could fly high; humans should set free from their comfort zone to dream big.