【YASIA 2017-18】 Awardees Taiwan Trip – Taipei

After the cycling trip, students started their journey in Taipei. In Ruifang Animal Shelter, they walked, fed and bathed the abandoned stray dogs. Despite being frightened and shocked by the unpleasant smell as well as the barking noises at first, students took care of the dogs with love and sympathy after understanding their hardships and needs.


Later, students arrived at Shifen Railway Station and wrote their wishes on the sky lanterns. They also visited National Taiwan University, where the staff shared about how the students in the Japanese occupational era learnt and how their university life was. These experiences helped students reflect themselves, recognize their dreams and set their goals.


At the end of the journey, students sent postcards to each other to maintain this precious friendship. Another postcard was also sent to themselves so that after the trip, they could remember what they have experienced and learnt.

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