【YASIA 2017-18 】Awardees Taiwan Trip – Yilan

On 29 July, 8 YASIA awardees went to Taiwan for a 6-day trip. They spent the first 3 days in Yilan, where they explored Taiwan and her culture through traditional arts, group activities and landscapes. Visiting the National Center for Traditional Arts, the awardees learnt about traditional handicraft in various workshops. For instance, they dyed and tied unique blue towels in the indigo dyeing workshop. After that, they were divided into two groups playing the room escape game called “Saving Tang Sanzang” with tradition elements like Bagua Zhen and treasure map. Through finishing tasks with teamwork, their problem solving and communication skills were enhanced. Then, awardees had their long-awaited bike trip along the scenic Old Caoling Belt Bikeway. At the end of the Old Caoling Tunnel, they enjoyed the Fulong Bento and sea view. In spite of tiredness, they supported each other and showed team spirit in the bike trip, making precious memories.

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