【YC Good Friday 】 Project Home Works of Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

Three volunteers from Youth Committee participated in Project Home Works held by Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong on 16 February.  They have learnt a lot after the whole-day service and hard work.

“We went to the home of an elderly who lives alone, where the peeling off of ceiling at kitchen, washroom and living room was very serious. However, after replenishing the ceiling in the morning and the afternoon, it became a whole new environment. When we finished the work, I had a great sense of accomplishment due to the better living environment for the elderly” said Cindy Lam, one of the volunteers.

“I think the volunteer service is very meaningful. Unlike those volunteer visits that I participated in before, we have to work by our hands to clean and repair the home of elderly who live alone. As the Chinese saying goes “Helping others is the basis of happiness”, I gained a great sense of success by witnessing a great change of the living environment. When the elderly showed a kindness and thankful smile, I believe my effort paid off.” said by another volunteer, Amy Ng.

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